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He was a child, when private televisions appeared in Portugal, enthusiastic about the wars for audiences, created an imaginary television channel on his computer with the initials of his name and had fun creating tv programming schedules with different ideas for different formats… Far from imagining that one day, at the right time, he would change the ‘Architecture’ course for the ‘Television’ course. Even today, he keeps with him two copies of those tv programming schedules, that have survived the passage of time.

Graduated in ‘Television Production’, he has 15 years of experience in the area.

He has produced entertainment, information and fiction tv shows in Portugal, having started at ‘RTP’, but it was in Brazil that his work stood out, on ‘MTV Brasil’, ‘TV Cultura’ and ‘Rede Globo’.

In 2007, after finishing his graduation, motivated by his creativity, he created his production company, ‘Foz Produções’, but it is in 2015, after returning from Brazil, that through the brand ‘Porsche’, marketing and advertising come into his life.

Currently he performs the functions of ‘Creative’ and ‘Producer’ in ‘/ O2 Audiovisual’.