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He was unable to fly in the Portuguese Air Force, but he managed to fulfill his dream of flying in Cinema & Advertising. It’s in ‘Panoramic 35’ that its story begins when the inter-negative and the inter-positive was something supersonic! : ) From here until the flight to agencies like ‘Tv Producer’ it was fast.

In advertising he goes through prestigious agencies such as ‘MacCann Erickson’ for a period of 2 years, followed by ‘FCB’, this last one, which on the 15th Anniversary gives it one of the 15 distinctions of the ‘Award of Excellence’ to those who most contributed to the growth of the agency, even after he returned to ‘McCann Erickson’.

In 1988 he was invited by ‘Panorâmica 35’ to create a production company that would gather a younger team to fly even higher in a growing market and together with ‘Zé Torres’, ‘Kaka’ and ‘Rogério Bolt’ he founded the production company ‘ABACATE’, followed later by ‘Costa do Castelo’ and ‘Tejo Filmes’ in the production and direction of films for major brands in the national and international market.

In 1994, he returned to ‘Panorâmica 35’ as main director, where he remained until 2014.

Since then, he has been working as a freelancer and now has joined Filipe Capela at ‘/O2 Audiovisuais’ not only as a Director but also as an ‘Executive Producer’.